Finding a product to sell

Your success will be determined on the product line you decide to sell on your market stall. It would be worthwhile carrying out some basic research into the likely competition you maybe facing from established market traders.

Research both your intended markets and competition from particular town centres near the market.

It is important to remember that, in some cases the product line you choose can determine how quickly you can become a successful market trader. If it is possible to find a product line which has not been over exposed on the market or the nearby town centres then this will increase your chance of becoming a successful market trader.

Clothing, particularly ladies clothing is always well represented on market stalls.
Novelty or specialist goods market traders will have a better chance of becoming a successful market trader as their product lines are not usually replicated by countless other market traders.

If you know other market traders then ask them for advice on product lines especially in relation to where to source your goods from.

Established market traders have had many years of experience and can often point out the pitfalls, although sometimes they may be simply protecting their own business interests by highlighting all the negatives.

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