Running a market Stall

Running a market stall is a great way to be your own boss and work the hours you want.  You can run a market stall at one of Town and Country Markets UK Markets.

A market stall can be very flexible and can suit anyone who’s looking to make extra money or would like to become a full time market trader.

You can become a market trader with Town and Country Markets by enquiring online or alternatively you can contact our head office on 01952 242019.

The market manger can give you advice on what product line would be best to sell at that particular market, the cost of running a market stall whether it’s as a registered market trader or a casual market trader.

You will need to find a market which suits your product, It would be pointless having a market stall at a bric and brac market when you are selling high quality craft items.

Before setting up a market stall visit the market you would like to trade at and get a feel for the place, look around the market for any market stalls which might be selling a similar product to you as this might cause you a problem and you may not want to sell at that particular market.

The costs of running a market stall
The cost of running a market stall does vary depending on the market you’re trading at and the size of market stall you require to display your products you’re selling.

To discuss prices for setting up a market stall at one of our markets nationwide, please contact Town and Country Markets on 01952 242019 or email info(at)


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