Working as market trader

Market traders can work long hours, including weekends. Depending on their trade, a trader's working day may start very early in the morning so they can attend wholesale markets. Working from 5.00am until 6.00pm on market days.

Market traders can trade at an indoor market or an outdoor market, Some markets run every day, others once a week or only at weekends, and others on a monthly or seasonal basis such as Brighton Racecourse market. They vary in size, and are usually busy and noisy environments in which to work. Market traders can work at different UK markets at different locations during a week. But at the end of the day it’s your choice as the market trader to decide the hours and days you would like to work.

Salary and other benefits of a market trader
Most market traders would work full time depending on market days and make about £350  a week (reference careers advice) but some market traders can make in excess of £500 per week (reference careers advice) depending on the goods and services they are selling on their market stall. If a market trader does decide to employ someone to work on their market stall then they would most likely start on a minimum wage.


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