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Market traders insurance generally refers to the liability insurance that is required for any person that wants to open a market stall in one of the indoor or outdoor markets in the UK. This insurance is required by most markets and protects the market trader from any liability if a shopper happen to get injured. They can also protect the market trader from liability associated with the products that he or she is selling. It is a vital means of protecting one's assets if a person is interested in opening and operating their own market stall. Without this insurance, a trader could find themselves in serious financial trouble should an accident occur.

The amount of insurance that a trader should purchase will depend on the types of products or services that they are offering as well as the amount of money they can spend on premiums. Most market traders find a policy that covers up to £5 million is more than sufficient. A benefit of trader insurance is that once a policy has been purchased, a trader can operate out of any one of the markets within the country. It is not necessary to purchase a new policy if a trader finds that a different market is better suited to the products or services that he or she is offering.

As with most types of insurance, market trader insurance is all about protection. It protects not only the trader but the customers and shoppers as well. Should a shopper get injured, the insurance coverage will help cover the costs associated with their injury so that they can get back on their feet as soon as possible.

A traders insurance policy can be purchased from a number of different insurance providers and the cost is actually surprisingly cheap. A comprehensive policy will not cost a market trader much at all, but the peace of mind that comes from knowing that a person's livelihood is protected is well worth the small expense.

Below are a list of companies where you can purchase market trader public liability insurance.

National Market Traders Federation
When you register with the NMTF (National Market Traders Federation) you will be offered a free market trader insurance package consisting of public liability (including product liability, food poisoning and ear piercing) upto £5,000,000 and also upto £10,000,000 employers liability a statutory requirement if you employ anybody, even on a casual basis, and even if they are not paid.
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Combined Market Traders Insurance Association
CMTIA are one of the largest providers of Public and Product Liability Insurance for Market Traders all over the UK. Thousands of market traders up and down the country benefit from our market trader Insurance Services. Visit Website

Market Traders Insurance
Market trader insurance is designed for market traders, (also known as stall-holders), selling goods from street stalls, and indoor or covered markets. Visit Website

Blackfriars Group
Blackfriars Group arrange liability insurance for the market trade, for both permanent stallholders and mobile market traders and stallholders. Visit Website


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