Why register with the UK's leading Operator

By  registering with the UK’s leading market operator Town and Country Markets, to trade at Clydach market you will be a step ahead of other market traders as Town and Country Markets have:-

  • Over 8.5million customer per annum
  • Averaging over 165,000 customer per week
  • Averaging over 720,000 customers per month
  • Over 200 market stalls
  • Helped over 400 trading businesses get established
  • Printed over 5 million leaflets each year promoting the market and market traders
  • Promoted our markets and market traders through online campaigns.

Shrewsbury Market Trader Information

  • Market Pitches start from £2.30 per ft
  • Traders should arrive at 7am to start setting up.
  • For more information you can contact the market manager Kaye Boakye on 07971485183.

Casual Market Trader Information

  • For casual market traders prices start from £2.60 per ft
  • Casual traders should see the market manager when they arrive.
  • Casual traders should arrive at 7am to start setting up.
  • Please downlaod the casual trader application form and fill it out before arriving at Wellington market. Click Here to Download the Casual Trader Form

Register to Trade

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If you are interested in running a market stall at Shrewsbury Market then please fill out the form below and one of our advisors will contact you.


Shrewsbury Market
Battlefield Road
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Opening Times

Sunday   9am - 3pm


Market Manager
Kaye Boakye

T: 07971485183
E: info(at)tcmarkets.co.uk

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